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Helidon Sock Shop

Our flagship example application shows you not only how easy it is to develop Coherence-based microservices with Helidon, but also how to deploy them to Kubernetes using Coherence Operator, and monitor them using Prometheus, Grafana and Jaeger.

Coherence is one of several back end implementations (the other being Mongo, Redis and MySQL), which allows you to compare different back ends both from development and operational perspective. We are confident you will find Coherence back end the simplest one to write, and by far the simplest one to deploy, monitor and manage at scale.

  • Integration with Helidon
  • Event-driven Processing
  • Deployment to Kubernetes
  • Prometheus and Grafana Integration
  • OpenTracing Support
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Coherence Demo

The main "pure" Coherence demo application showcases many general features, as well as scalability and HA capabilities of Coherence:

  • Clustering and Data Sharding
  • Scalability and High Availability
  • Persistence to Disk
  • Parallel Queries and Aggregation
  • In-Place Processing
  • Multi-Data Center Federation (Grid Edition feature only)
  • OpenTracing Support
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To Do List

An extension of the Quick Start that adds various client implementations (React.js, Oracle JET, JavaFX), as well as the additional REST API implementation (Node.js/Express). It demonstrates how the same Web Server that is used to host REST API can be used to serve modern static web front ends.

The entire application is documented in detail in a series of articles published in the Java Magazine:

  • Integration with Helidon
  • Integration with Node.js/Express
  • Client-side Events
  • React and Oracle JET Web Front End
  • JavaFX Client
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